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Polyurea waterproofing

Polyurea waterproofing


Two-component waterproof coating; membrane based on pure polyurea quick drying. This is one of the biggest advantages of this coating, because once projected hot, dry in just 4 seconds and can be walked on immediately, ensuring their waterproofing a few minutes of application properties. It is applied by spraying, it is not harmful to the environment and protects a large number of surfaces from wear and corrosion. Thanks to its high adhesion, this system is totally effective on substrates of concrete, cement mortar, cement, polyurethane foam, ceramics, bituminous products, metals and other surfaces.
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Lotumroof Polyurea and Lotumroof Polyurea Flex they are art coatings for waterproofing and protecting surfaces such as counter tops, tanks, terraces, ponds, pools, reservoirs, troughs, silos, sumps, tanks for drinking water and a wide range of facilities providing a secure and lasting waterproofing.
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