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Sistems LOTUM

Self-leveling flooring

Self-leveling flooring


Continuous coatings without joints or joints, based on acrylic epoxy resins, polyurethane, and / or methacrylates. Continuous self-leveling floors, are the result of mixtures of different resins with special aggregates.

Depending on the type and particle size of resin used, a wide variety of benefits are obtained. The resulting mixture is very quick and easy to apply, significantly reducing the time of completion of the work compared to traditional paving.
Floor leveling Lotum


They are very suitable to repair most worn and uneven floors, providing a flat, durable finish. They are useful for protecting any type of soil in good condition where you want to improve the mechanical and / or chemical properties.

The self-leveling systems used in all industrial environments: manufacturing plants, warehouses, workshops, food industry, among others. There are also more decorative finishes for use in offices, laboratories, showrooms and private property.
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